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t11501.22018-11-11New art sucks.Do you mean new art from PS3 version by Alchemist or by MangaGamer? Version from MangaGamer is really horrible, their redrawn art. If by Alchemist, I
t11351.32018-10-31English translation of Volume 2 by Sol PressHmm, very strange... Thanks.
t11431.32018-10-27Kumoricon announcementsReally, they don't plan to translate DareSora 18+ chapter?? I didn't know that... Very pity.
t11412.52018-10-23How do you think the YU-NO anime will turn out?I hope anime adaptation will be good...
t11351.12018-10-07English translation of Volume 2 by Sol PressAny news of possible translation? As of what I read on their site, they plan to localize every volume within a month of its Japanese release, but
t11338.42018-10-05Reading untranslated Japanese VN's in 2018?Thanks for help, namiultedjapan!
t11330.22018-10-02KnS 3 Theories (spoiler\anticipation alert)I hope Touko will be alive and she will live with Reiji...
t11286.52018-10-02It's been three f***ing yearsThey finished it in March, 2018.... No news about KnS 3, unfortunately.
t11310.322018-10-01We're alive!Happy Birthday!!
t7566.102018-09-28Amakano English Translation?OK, let's wait.
t7566.52018-09-28Amakano English Translation?Really? It is a good novel for English translation companies? I wonder, why MangaGamer, Sekai, JASTUSA or other companies don't want to translate
t11289.42018-09-27HD Remaster editionHD is High Definition. Maybe some routes will be added.
t11286.32018-09-27It's been three f***ing yearsYes, it will be a great continuation of the series... Unfortunately, Flowers series.
t11289.12018-09-27HD Remaster editionGreat news! Anybody knows what will it be?
t11268.52018-09-22Trying to remember a VNYou are very welcome! :)))
t11268.22018-09-22Trying to remember a VNKansen ~In'yoku no Rensa~ and its sequels: link There are several hentais too of these novels.
t10548.92018-07-26English releaseYeah, according to Steam it will be released in Summer 2018... I will change it to August, 2018 then.